Thursday, 18 August 2016

Pom Pom Sandals Trend

Pom Pom shoes are everywhere recently, if you haven't seen them where have you been?! Made popular by brand Aquazurra they're a fun spin on the standard sandal. Unfortunately the Aquazurra pairs are about £200 out of my price range, so I set about finding some more affordable alternatives.

Top Left - Tan - Ebay - £20.49 | Top Right -  Black - Ego - £24.99 | Middle Right - Black - Ebay - £14.96 | Middle Left - Pink - Ebay - £26.67 | Bottom Right - River Island - £35 | Bottom Left - Tan - Ebay - £17.99

In all different designs, and colours you're spoilt for choice with the number of more purse friendly options you can choose from. I definitely have my eye on the River Island pair and I love the idea of having a pair with a heel for more dressy occasions.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Schuh Platform Shoes

High heels, they make your legs look fantastic, but by god they hurt. It's so rare that I find a pair of heels that I'm not begging to take off after an hour, so when I do I hold on to those bad boys and buy them in every colour going. Meet my new holy grail heels..

My friend had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted a new pair of heels. I happened to look in the sale section on Schuh and stumbled across these platform heels. I was sceptical about how comfortable they'd be but I got them anyway because the price was so good (£60 reduced to £13 don't mind if I do!)

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Kreafunk On Ear Headphones

I've been after a pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones for ages, to have the luxury of no wires trailing or getting tangled in my bag sounded perfect. So I set out on a hunt to find some to suit me! I'd noticed my manager at work had a cool pair of headphones so one day I asked her where she got them from and she introduced me to Kreafunk

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Olivia Burton Midi Chrono Detail Silver Mesh Watch

As a child I was always an avid watch wearer, you wouldn't catch me without my silver Mickey Mouse timepiece with his arms counting down the seconds. But as I grew up I kind of fell out of love with watches, I did jump on the bandwagon with the Michael Kors watch craze, but I found most of the styles were too big and clunky for me, and eventually got fed up of wearing mine!

I did purchase an Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch a couple of years ago, whilst I found the strap and general design of the watch much more streamlined than my Michael Kors piece, eventually I found the watch face was a little too big for my wrist!

I stumbled across this beauty in the window of Goldsmiths and thought it was perfect. Just the right size for my wrist and keeping with my favourite colour of jewellery, silver.

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